The History of British Shorthair Cats

The history of British Shorthair cats is a long and storied one, with many twists and turns. It’s difficult to know where to start if you want to talk about this breed because there are so many interesting things that have happened throughout their history. For example, did you know that they were originally bred in the 1800s? That’s when the first documented breeding occurred for this type of cat.

But then again, the history of British Shorthair cats starts long before that. It’s believed they have been around for at least 400 years in England and Scotland. Some people even say it goes back as far as 700 AD! Originally bred by sailors to keep rodents away from their ships during voyages, no one is really sure how they got to Britain and when they arrived.

As a British shorthair kitten breeder, We proud ourselves in maintaining a high standard of pet care and training since 2016 not only as breeders but as a family. We equally facilitate the adaptation of our kittens for adoptions to their new owners. Looking for a well trained and groomed British shorthair kitten for adoption? Look no further. Because here at Dean short hair kittens we have different marked or colored British shorthair kittens for adoption such A Grey British short hair cat stalking. Frequently asked questions include, Are British shorthair kittens Hypoallergenic? So the thing is the shorthair statue of british shorthair kittens makes them shed less hair and hence considered as hypoallergenic kittens.So adopt a kitten that shed less hair if you have Kitten allergies.

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Our Breeding Ethics

Betterment and preservation of the breed is a driving force behind our breeding program. Our practices affect the lives of kittens, the health of future generations, and the hearts of the those families who bring  Kittens into their lives. We are constantly striving to demonstrate best practices in health, vitality and temperament.

Years from now, when we are no longer breeding, we hope that our names are recognized as breeders who not only shared extreme love with families across the world, but who has made a difference in the breed as a whole.